Nov 18, 2013

My very first time.

Assalamualaikum and Hai! 


Separuh semester tahun tiga telah berlalu. Phew! Tinggal almost one month ja nak hadapi final exam which starts on 2nd January 2013. Pray for me, okayyy :)

Alhamdulillah. A very hectic week has passed. :) syukur am still alive. Haha.

Nehi, takda apa pun berlaku. Aku ada dua tests this week and a performance. The first test ks okay la. Cardiovascular System and Theraphy. Soalan MCQ ja. Haha 'ja' tengok sikit result quiz hang nnt, asma oi!

Then, second test is literally kill me. Pharmacy Practice Test. This is my very first time jawab test macam ini. Maklumla third year dah tak lama dah nak hadapi Clerkship. Test ini tiga jam, each hour one session. Every session, different question from different lecturers. Dalam test ini, aku dapat satu case, aku kena analysis case ini dan kena consult patient and doctor in order to make a decision.
Case ini dia bagi prescription ubat, then aku kena check la either ada drug-drug interaction etc. Or any information tak cukup, kena la pi tanya patient/doctor who is my proffesor. And know what, within one hour tu, tak sempat kot nak consult, end up I am a patient, a pharmacist and a doctor. Buat keputusan sendiri. 

And the conclusion from the test, I am not yet capable to be a pharmacist. Instead helping people, i am killing patients. Gah! But, at least la, aku dapat juga some ideas on how pharmacist should do, bukan duduk belakang kaunter 'Encik, ubat ini dua hari sekali, yang ni sehari sekali' . That is not it. Banyak tugas pharmacist sebenarnya kalau faham role sendiri. and conclusion, aku kena study harder and smarter and efficient. 

Ans lastly, my very first time performance on DTSP stage. Haha semua first time hang asma -.-' ini pun sebenarnya terpaksa. :/ Sebab rayuan ko-k ada Tarian Tradisional ja tinggal. Nak tak nak kena ambil la juga. And alhamdulillah everything goes smooth. Step pun ingat. And dapat atasi stage fright sekejap la walaupun debar juga duk atas tu. ( pictures takleh upload - laptop rosak) 

Thats all kot. Terima kasih :D


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