Aug 2, 2013

Second chance

Assalamualaikum and hai.

We come to the end of Ramadan. And it is not an exciting thing. Ramadan comes only once a year and the saddest part, we do not know either we have the oppurtunity to have a date with Ramadan again or not. 

Yes, Allah grants us with Eid Day to celebrate our ace. But do we really success throughout the Ramadan? Do we? T_T

Time passes. And it cannot be rewind. We do not have the second chance to change what had happened. But, we have the chance to improve them. To improve what is lack inside us, what is less inside us. We have chance to fix the wrong. We have chance to back to the fitrah.

Yes, we all have the chance. We all. Not just you, not just me. But we! 

And why must we waste the second chance given for us? Is a waste right when we have an oppurtunity to improve, isn't it? And the chance is not longer given when we are in another world. 

Don't take the second chance as granted. It is precious. We have a few days more to come to the end of Ramadan. And I believe each of us know about Lailatu Qadar. Grab it. Insya Allah.

I pray for everyone has the chance to meet with this Lailatu Qadar. Pray for me as well :) 

And yes, I have the second or third chance maybe to improve my pointer, i need to sit the KSCP where everyone is scared of. Oh Microbiolgy please be nice to me. And I don't want to meet you for third times. T_T

Okay back to Microbiology notes. 😥

P/s: please bear with my first-grade-english 😉


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